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  With 25years experience Inhee Corp would deeply appreciate your warm support and great interesting. We will do our best to be a dynamic company.

All employees have been very hard to starting this year to improve customer service in accordance with the higher flow in the 21st century global due to the fact we turned into a new company name, IH HI-TECH CO., LTD.

In the meantime, customers are encouraged Inhee with a deep love of domestic and overseas markets, the Mecca of IT technology in Optical Characterization of Smartphone Camera Equipment and Audio / Video System LSI semiconductor-related instruments and analysis equipment, ranging from high-precision Roll Machine and Semiconductor Optical , across the electronics industry been supplying the latest equipment and information since 25years

All employees have fast, accurate processing of cooperation with the business based on trust and confidence, and we can supply the equipment and instrument for conducting a thorough after-sale service.

Respond quickly to global market trends and customer-oriented, and to contribute to the development of the domestic electronics industry
High-Tech era of the 21st century, led by state-of-the-art equipment and the supply of information to continue to meet the needs of our customers to keep pace with the trend of Digital more effectively.

High productivity is widely introduced in the equipment industry, and at the same time maximizing the business, which contributed greatly fruitful for the company will continue to grow.
Had a lot of help so far, Our employees will work hard with our customers to further it.

Continued support and advice to future hopes and challenges of constant innovation company look more solid promise to show you.

Thank you.

2015. 1. 1


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