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Air Cooling type(PAU-S SERIES) Water Cooling type(PAU-W SERIES)
Advantage Disadvantage Advantage Disadvantage

 , Compact and Light weight
 , Easy installation & adjusting
 , Standard model
 , Quick delivery
 , For small & middle space

 , Occurrence of exhaust
   air and heat

, No air & heat exhaust
, Silent running
, Higher performance &
, For large space

, Order made(no factory stock)
, Late delivery
, Expensive
, Need of piping for drain water

1. Dramatically improved strength
2. The structure enables easy assembly
3. Lighhweight and easty movable
4. Applicable for precise temperature and humidity control
1. Compact, easy, and lightweight
2. Transforming the desktop to a high-quality, clean space with
constant temperature and humidity
3. Equivalent to Class 100 cleanliness(PAU-BS0805-01F)
  Can be mounted easily to a PAU unit.
Designed with an emphasis on
  excellent maintainability
  [Small airflow volume type(1 to 5m3 /min)]
  , Quick top-maintenance method
  , Clogging diagnosis and alarm function
  [Large airflow volume type(11 to 17 m3 /min)]
  , Bottom-maintenance method
  , Clogging diagnosis and aiarm function
  , Equipped with an airflow sensor

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