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Molel UA3P-400T
측정 범위 Top surface measurement 100(X) Ⅹ 100(Y) Ⅹ 50(Z) mm
Side surface measurement 100 Ⅹ 100 Ⅹ 50 mm
Top and Side surface measurement Ø50(XY) Ⅹ 50 (Z)mm
최대 샘플 무게 10kg
스케일 He-Ne Frequency stabilized Laser(He-Ne주파수 안정 레이저)
최대 측정 압력 Top surface measurement : 0.15 to 0.3mN(15 to 30mgf)
Side surface measurement : within 1.0mN(with 100mgf)
최대 측정 각도 Top surface measurement 75°
Side surface measurement :
When horizontal scanning 45 to 90°
When vertical scanning 80 to 90°
Angle is defined from horizontal surface.
프로브 측정 정도 Top surface measurement(Sample : Standard sphere)
Z measurement range within 35mm
Up to 30°     ±0.05 ㎛
Up to 45°     ±0.08 ㎛
Up to 60°     ±0.15 ㎛
Up to 70°     ±0.15 ㎛(downward)
Side surface measurement (Sample : Standard sphere)
Equator roundness : ±0.15㎛
Combination of Top and Side surfaces measurement
Standard sphere measurement : within ±0.5 ㎛
측정 속도 Top surface measurement : 0.01 to 10 ㎜/s
Side surface measurement : 0.01 to 5 ㎜/s
소프트웨어 Top surface measurement(UA3P) function
Measurement NC program automatic creation, Auto-alignment(Includes probe radius offset), Data editing, Auto-centering, Monitoring while measuring, 3D color graph, Measurement origin operation, Point array data output
Side surface measurement(UA3P-L400S) function
Profile evaluation function for roundness, sphericity flatness and cylinder
Top and Side surfaces measurement function
Evaluation function for measurement based on lens outer shape
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